Infection Control for Body Art

$57.00 +$9.50 Shipping - International Orders must order by phone (for additional shipping charges)! This book covers OSHA bloodborne pathogens requirements for body artists. Includes easy instructions and sample forms ... up, and maintenance of a body art facility

A great source for body artists for keeping up with health and safety standards in the workplace.

Easy to understand, full of examples, pictures, quizzes, forms, and more.Covers:
OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
Gives samples of important documents, such as an Infection Control Plan for body art professionals.
Exposure Control
Sharps Disposal
Standard Precautions
Practicing Asepsis
Preventing Cross Contamination in the Workplace
Skin Infections.

$ 57.00 ( plus 9.50 for shipping)

(International orders must order by phone for additional shipping charges)

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